CNV Corporation (Short name"CNV")was invested by chinese, localted in the mainland and hongkong ,,it is focus in its innovations in the polyester staple fiber and filament yarn. You may find our products in your clothing, carpets, cars and computers—just to name a few.

devoted in raw material of textile , are Professional in Polyester staple fiber , Hollow conjugate, Low melt fiber, Flame retardant fiber etc. With High technology and Large scale factories in China Mainland.Production line for staple fiber features in melt spinning directly,and the single line its capacity is the number one in the world. The properties of three-dimensional crimped differential terylene staple fiber are lofty, spongy and elastic, its specification s are from 0.9 to 25deniers, and its types are complete. Low melt fiber from 1.5~15Denier (melt point from 110 to 200 degree celsius ),These products are mainly used in spray-bonded nonwoven fiber, stuffing nonwoven fiber and cushion material, which are suitable for manufacturing each kind of non-woven fabric. With the company itself developed process and grafted technology , that make the products in type, quality and cost with more stronger competitive ability in the market.

CNV will keep the pioneer spirit of “Quality First , Customer First ,Innovation First”, focus on the market, innovat e continuously, be moderate and practical, hold the principle of permanent operation , fully take the competitive advantage of the technique and resource, hand in hand, to create the brighter tomorrow.

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